Again My Life (2022) Episode 16

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21 Comments to “Again My Life (2022) Episode 16

  1. I love th drama but the Ending was unsatisfying.
    I thought ther would be more throwback of how he handled Cho TaeSub in more intense scenes. ?‍♂️
    Dissappointed of theending it was in rush

  2. Damn, now i have nothing to watch, great story could of done with more episodes, i wish all korean shows either have a season 2 or if not than 24 episodes, you get hyped up 12-13 then only have 16 🙁 its over….

  3. I loved the drama starting but was soooooo terribly disappointed with the end. I mean when they adapted from the webtoon they should hv stuck to it. Through out the drama the story development was bang on. And I think the series has a good viewership rating. But why they end the drama in such a hurry, I just don’t get it.If it was a 20 episode drama I think it would hv been perfect.

    1. i knowwwww such a disappointing end, the arc of the drama was soo goodd but bruh ep 16 was ovver rushed, i’m so pissed, because i actually really loved this drama, so unfortunate.

  4. I love Lee Joon-gi. His acting is fantastic. I thought the drama was very good. I also liked the ending.

  5. Like most recent dramas, the beginning was strong but it always fails in the end because they try to end it in 16 episodes netflix style but they are accustomed to the typical 26 episodes ratio so they rush things with poor result. Also most likely there will be no season 2 so don’t get your hopes up. It would have to explode in popularity for them to do that and that drama has no potential for that. 7/10 for joon-gi tho, I will always watch anything he is in ?

  6. I mean, I loved this drama because Lee Joon-gi is one of my favorite actors, but the end scene was kinda dumb jaja still 8/10 for me.

  7. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, alleged quote Edmund Burke. This was a spectacular show from episode one to sixteen. Finally I watch a drama where a 40 year old male doesn’t hold the hand of a 38
    year old female thinking “She will get pregnant!”. Thanks Lee Joon-gi!

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